Friday, March 4, 2011

I say it again- REJOICE!

God enthralls me. I am completely captivated by him. The other day I was going to spend time with him, but instead I just basked in his presence and was completely satisfied.

I’m so overwhelmed with this life that God has given me. God’s creation is magnificent. Nothing less. I’m in this place where I just cannot get over how amazingly stunning it is. I feel like a part of me is let loose when I let my mind wonder and meditate on how magnificent God’s creation is. Bah! How he made the earth and the universe and how he made all of it for us, whoa. It’s so romantic. Then there is us, we as people are just astonishing. Our minds, our talents, our dreams, our passions, our love, and our potential-again, it’s astonishing.

God’s creation is such apart of who I am, it’s like it’s a piece of me. I feel that I can express myself when I’m out in creation. I guess it’s because I see God in it so intensely and can connect with him intensely through it. Seeing the clouds, sunsets, sunrises, moon, and stars day in and day out, knowing that they’re always there, I am blown away every time. It never gets old. It gets me every time! Sometimes a 'whooaaa' just slips right out of my mouth. Even people, we are 'creation' as well. I love seeing people’s faces lift and eyes light up by something that they’re passionate about, or seeing their hearts break over it. It’s captivating isn’t it? It’s incredible the differences in us, that we we’re made to be our own person. So many people yet all so different. I love that we’re different. I love the simple fact that we’re living. We are alive. Just the potential that we have to be alive boggles me. I literally can do every stinkin thing because I have Christ as my strength. Come on people! This stuff is amazing!

Another thing that I’m just stuck on is love. I’m realizing what a blessing it is to be able to love, and to be loved. The only reason that I can love is because God loved me first. I have love because I was created in his image. Loving brings me such joy and such life-and that is a gift! Man, my God is awesome. He doesn’t have to be love and he doesn’t have to be kind and gentle, hysterical, creative, caring, compassionate, and wise. He doesn’t have to pay so much attention to detail and know every single thing about me, and love every bit of it-but he does! He could be a jerk and not care about me at all and never forgive me when I mess up and am a jerk to him. He doesn't have to love me. Think about that, he doesn’t have to love us. He doesn’t have to desire good things for me and always be working things out for my good! He could do whatever he wanted and he could give up on me and treat me like I deserve, he could be selfish and boring and lazy. Just for the simple fact that he’s God he could do whatever he wanted, and just because he is God I would still have to submit to him and revere him. That is why I am so in love with God. Not because a book (powerful that it is) told me to, because my parents told me to, or because I’m afraid of going to hell. I love him because he is so good, because he chose me, he desires me, he loves me, and he is captivated by me. I love him because he is perfect love.

I was so overwhelmed by God and life in him that I had to let it out. Thank you for giving me the outlet! :D

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