Thursday, December 9, 2010

my heart.

Where are you right now Mercy? Are you staying warm at night? Are you getting enough to eat? Know that I love you so much, and I am praying that our Daddy is surrounding you and ravishing His love on you. I will see you again my beautiful princess.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I chose to write this blog.

Being a junior/senior this year, inevitably my future has come up a lot; what I will do next year, if I should go ahead and apply to colleges, which ones I should apply to..etc. And whenever a huge decision came up that needed acting upon, I immediately went into prayer and prayed that the Lord would tell me where to go and where he wanted me..but more often than not, I got no answer and was confused. I mean, I was going to Him for this stuff and I was listening with an open heart, so why did he not tell me where I need to go?
Then I realized that I was trying to get God to make my decisions for me. Please don't mistake what I'm saying as 'you shouldn't go to him in prayer and earnestly seek after his will', because I believe with all my heart that you should go to God with every decision; big and small. But one thing that the Lord has really been teaching me lately is that he is completely passionate about our free will.
He doesn't want to make decisions for you, he doesn't want mindless robots or puppets to control that go on auto-pilot. He has wonderfully and fearfully made us with the freedom to be able to choose.
I have gotten that question before, 
"If there is a God (haha) who loves as much as the bible says, why couldn't he just make us love him back if he has that power?"
Well let me ask you this, if you fell in love with somebody, would you want them to be forced to love you back, or would you want them to love you back, simply because they love you? He wants us to choose to love him, just like he wants us to make decisions, that aren't forced, that glorify him.

I can promise you this, no matter what you choose in life, no decision can stop God's glory from shining through. Yes there are most definitely choices that are better than others, and in some decisions you make you will see God's glory in a much bigger way than others, but even if you don't make the 'right' choice, you will still see the hand of God at work. Because frankly, God is a whole heck of a lot bigger than any choice we could ever make.

But don't get me wrong, our sovereign Lord still helps us make decisions too. He still does divine callings and is just as live and active as he was in the old testament (but that is a whole other blog in itself), but even if he were to come right out and say what we need to do, we would still have the choice to act on it.

One thing I hear people say a lot is "Man I wish God called me to do cool stuff like travel the world or go live and be homeless or something radical and crazy, but he's not." But just take a step back and look at you're life. Did God call you to go sit and watch tv for an hour? Did he call you to go to the mall? Did he call you to read this blog? Chances are, he didn't. But you did them anyway didn't you?  Why is it that people only need to be 'called' when it comes to doing things for God?